cottage pillows and daffodils

Salutations! We’re in the midst of some lovely weather here on the East Coast with Spring rolling in. Our shabby little cottage with the overgrown garden is in need of some love. Farmer Brown and I worked out there all day Sunday, mostly weeding and planning. Always with the weeding and the planning it seems. Oh dear Cottage Fix friends, how we do love to make a plan.
Cottage Fix blog - cottage pillows and daffodilsSo we keep on weeding and planning.  And year after year a few plants die, the weeds seem to thrive, and we just keep on planning. I guess that’s part of the beauty of a garden though, it’s ever changing. The first day back “at it” after a long winter is always a doozy, and this year was no exception. One thing we’re quite happy with is the weed liner we put down last fall. It’s doing it’s job. And the few weeds that grow through are easy to pull right up. So that’s something to cheer about!
Cottage Fix blog - Spring daffodilsThe daffodils are certainly doing their daffodil thing this year! They’re popping up all over our garden and all over town. I picked a bunch for my daughter’s room and a few for the living room here. Flower picking season is well on the way — oh joy!
Cottage Fix blog - cottage pillows and daffodils As many of you know, one of my favorite things to change up season to season are the pillows and throw blankets. I rarely buy new ones though, I just tend to shuffle and reshuffle. Although I spotted a couple of beauties online, I can’t stop dreaming about. And they’re not in blue, which is so weird for me! Blue and me go way back now.  They’re on my watch list so we’ll see.  I can’t make a purchase without a sale you know. Cottage Fix blog - Spring daffodilsCottage Fix blog - cottage pillows and daffodilsThis Spring I looked through all of the leftover pillows after I picked out what was going on the sun porch. And this is what I came up with — soft blues (of course), whites, and a simple floral. It’s a nice boost of color after my “all white” winter look in here. And I only had a couple of pillows left over.

Cottage Fix blog - cottage pillows and daffodilsThanks for visiting!

xoxo Sally


9 thoughts on “cottage pillows and daffodils

  1. Victoria

    Everything looks so beautiful Sally!!! The yellow flowers definitely make it look very bright, cheery and Spring-y in your cottage:) You must be in your own little heaven relaxing on the sofa (in between all the busy-ness of raising kids LOL).

    I may have asked you before but, are you on Instagram? If so, please let me know your IG name:)

    1. sally Post author

      Hey Victoria! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I just joined Instagram this morning, my husband helped me with it. I’m so excited- it seems like fun. It’s under Cottagefix. Xo

  2. Julie

    You have the same gardening technique that I have…planning and hoping, haha. But you definitely have more success because I have zero daffodils and you have a gorgeous collection of them! I hope your new throw blankets go on sale soon 😉

    1. Dore @. Burlap Luxe

      Love how the awakening of Spring is so apparent in your restful room… I love flowers in jam jars, and bottles best. The sweet garden blooms best when the flowers are so loved as part of our decor.
      don’t they?

      See you soon, and all the beauty that surrounds you.


  3. Vickie

    We just had 6 inches of snow dumped on us, so your daffodils are a vision, indeed! Your mix of blue and white with yellow flower accents is a nice nod to spring. Happy gardening, Sally!

  4. kelly

    Your soft blue pillows are pretty. I have some of those same floral shabby chic ones. I wish I had daffodils blooming everywhere! They are such a pretty Spring flower. Yours look pretty brought inside.

  5. Jeanne

    Blue and white is my favorite!

    Every year there is an area in the garden that needs more work than others. Once I rake back the old mulch and pull the weeds and loosen up the dirt, I put all down some of the old newspapers I’ve saved up, cover with a bit of dirt and mulch – it stops the weeds all season and sometimes even into the next. We are still about a month away from serious gardening here – which is good since I have a floor to tile:)

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Jeanne, A friend of mine also saves newspapers for her garden, she has good luck with this too! We purchased weed liner from Lowes after I discovered it lining an area of the garden where few weeds grow. I guess a previous home owner put it down. It’s too expensive to put everywhere though.
      Good luck with your tile, sounds exciting!! xo

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