cottage fix Friday flowers on the sun porch

Happy Friday guys! It’s so beautiful here, it’s what everyone’s talking about around town. The sun is shining, the birds are busy, and the daffodils are starting to bloom. Glorious! If only we could send some sunshine to our friends down south who are getting pelted with rain and flooding!!

Cottage Fix blog - pale pink hydrangea bloom and vintage lampFor the first time in a long while, I don’t need to report on something that’s broken or burst. Believe me, I’m knocking on wood and crossing my fingers as I type this! So with my fortunate change in luck, along with these pretty blooms, I’m up on cloud nine today. Please join me!Cottage Fix blog - pale pink hydrangea bloomThese blooms are fresh from the market. One of the grocers in our area sells single stem blooms, so I picked up a single pale pink hydrangea and a few stems of blue delphinium. Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers on the sun porchCottage Fix blog - blue delphinium, wicker, and squishy pillowsI mentioned earlier in the week that I’m playing around with the pillow combinations too. In the sun porch here I ended up going very neutral, which creates a nice backdrop for flowers of any shade.Cottage Fix blog - pale pink hydrangea on the sun porchThe blue delphinium are arranged in a vintage Italian canning jar I found at the thrift store last year.
Cottage Fix blog - white wicker and blue delphinium Cottage Fix blog - chippy paint trunk and squishy pillowsAnd the single hydrangea bloom is in a white creamer from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy’s. I use this all the time for flowers, it looks nice mixed with old vintage pitchers too.

Cottage Fix blog - pale pink hydrangea and sun light

Happy Friday!!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - pink hydrangea and soft pillows


4 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday flowers on the sun porch

  1. Victoria

    Okay, that’s it…I’m packing up my cup of coffee and heading over there to hang out on your sun porch! What an absolutely stunning little space that is and the brick flooring makes me swoon!!! The sunlight and flowers only add to it but I imagine it’s just as lovely on a cold, rainy day:) Love all your big, squishy pillows too!

    Happy Friday Sally, have a lovely weekend and enjoy Spring-y weather!

  2. kelly

    I love that room! It looks like such a cozy space. I like how you styled it with lots of pretty pillows and white linens. the flowers are the perfect addition too. Glad to hear that you’re having nice weather. Despite living down south where all the storms are, we’re having good weather too. it’s going to be 79 degrees today. There is a slight chance of rain but is not supposed to be bad. I think most of the bad weather is to the west of me.

  3. Julie

    As always, your home is so inviting and cozy Sally. I am really drawn to those delphiniums…the color is gorgeous!! Have a good weekend!

  4. Vickie

    The blue delphinium are the most gorgeous shade of blue! I planted some in that very color last year and I hope they return to greet me this year. Such a pretty room!

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