pink roses for one of those Mondays

Good evening Cottage Fix friends. It’s been one of those Mondays that’s for sure! Take an already busy Monday and add a heaping cup of drama and you get my day. I was so out of it by the end of the day I added oil instead of milk to my cornbread recipe. I noticed as I was stirring and things started looking weird. I just gave it another go with a clear head. It’s looking and smelling good now. I treated myself to a few pink roses from the market earlier today to make me feel better and brighten up the sun porch. My daughter’s birthday is coming up so they’ll be a little something pretty while the grandparents are here for dinner too.

Cottage Fix blog - pink roses on the sun porchPink roses always do the trick.

Cottage Fix blog - pink roses and red bud branches in a blue Ball jarI added a few sprigs of red bud from the blooming trees out in our back garden. And together with the blue Ball jar, it’s a bright Springy combination.

Cottage Fix blog - white wicker, brick floors, and pink rosesI’m hoping for a very boring week, with the exception of my daughter’s birthday, which should be fun!

Cottage Fix blog - pink roses, wicker, and squishy pillowsIf any of you are on Instagram, I just joined. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun! And another excuse to bring home roses. Wink. I added an Instagram button to my sidebar and I’d love for you to take a peek.

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “pink roses for one of those Mondays

  1. Victoria

    Yay, you’re on Instagram now!!! I’ll follow you on there for sure:) Sorry about your hectic Monday, hopefully today is more peaceful. Love your beautiful roses and I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday:)

  2. Victoria

    I just added you on IG and left a few comments. My husband and I share one (altho I pretty much hog it LOL) so our name’s not very girly…KWill1923 Our account is private but if you hit the follow button it’ll send me a request:)

  3. Julie

    Ugh, for challenging days 🙁 But flowers are always a pick-me-up and the roses are so pretty! Have fun with your daughtwr’s birthday celebration!

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