sun porch mirror,shabby chic styling, and quiet

Salutations! I’ve been having some fun here in my quirky little cottage with the wonky furnishings and shabby decor while this homestead is feeling not quite so full. Honey has been on work travel for what seems like most of the summer, and the long, hot days are feeling even longer. So to keep myself busy in those quiet hours between morning and night, when the supper dishes are still drying, and mother nature has cast her magical sort of light I’ve been fluffing and shuffling some pieces around to keep it looking fresh in here and to take my mind off my empty-ish house. I should be out back pulling up weeds, but it’s just too hot and muggy for that!

The past couple of days my two musicians have been out of town together leaving every room in our house with an unusual hush. So I’m not getting that weird feeling I’ve become accustomed to starring as the leading lady in a big screen production. When the notes are twirling around while I finish up the housework and start supper, I sometimes feel like I’m living in a movie. It’s not a very interesting movie though, unless you’re into the day to day of regular family life. Grin. Where has my theme song gone?
Cottage Fix blog - large gold mirror and shabby chic styling on the sun porch

So on our sun porch I switched out the small cream mirror for this extra large gold beauty that I antiqued and added floral paper to. I love what it does for this space. I tried hanging it a little higher, but then ended up moving it back down to where it just skims along the edge of the wicker sofa. I’m not sure why I like it like that, but I do.

Cottage fix blog - floral pillows and a shabby chic bouquetCottage Fix blog - lavender roses

And I added some flowers in soft lavender and crimson for a touch of summery shabby chic.

Cottage Fix blog - large gold mirror and floral pillowsI mentioned a couple of posts back that I was trying to add more cottage color to our living room. Well, that’s not going so good. Since then I painted a sage green feature wall and then painted it back white. I brought home a container of yellow chalk paint and returned it without even trying it out. I could tell just from seeing the container in the room that I wouldn’t care for it. I thought about adding some stronger colored accessories, but I’m just not sure about that either. So for now, I’m keeping it white walls with dark wood furniture accents.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chicxoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “sun porch mirror,shabby chic styling, and quiet

  1. Julie

    I think the placement of your mirror is just right. And I understand about trying on more color for size, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe your lovely flowers are all the color your sweet cottage needs 🙂

  2. Sandee

    dear Cottage Fix I have subscribed to you but I never get the newsletter; what should I do??? Thanks. Sandee from Fairfax Va.

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Sandee! I need to send one out! I’ve been really bad about that. When I first started the newsletter I sent them out all the time and then I don’t know what happened! The next time I send one I’ll be sure to check with you to see if you received it. Thank you for following along with Cottage Fix blog!! xo

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