Cottage Fix summer garden and white blooms

Well hello there Cottage Fix friends! All is good here, things are moving right along. I’m feeling much better after flopping on the sofa for all of last week—that summer cold took me down. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever wear anything other than pajama bottoms and a raggedy old T-shirt again. While I’m not feeling in tip top shape, I’m definitely feeling more like my old self again (which certainly wasn’t anywhere close to being in tip top shape). Thank you so much for all of the well wishes sent my way. It’s always nice to see a little something sweet in my inbox. xo

Cottage Fix blog - white sofa and a galvanized bucket with white bloomsToday I want to share with you a new-ish addition to our cottage garden. We planted this natchez crepe myrtle tree last fall and it’s now full of plump white blooms.

Cottage Fix blog - white living room with floor pillowsIt’s drought tolerant and a big time summer bloomer that gives way to an orange-ish red splendor in the fall. As you can see, the blooms are so numerous the sweet little branches are getting pulled down by the flower’s weight making for a droopy sort of tree. So I HAD to snip a few and bring them inside. Grin.Cottage Fix blog - natchez crepe myrtle in bloomA crepe myrtle seemed perfect for our garden since we already have several growing in our front and side gardens. There are three pink varieties and a white natchez in the front garden and we added another natchez up there too.

Cottage Fix blog - galvanized bucket and white crepe myrtle bloomsI’m doing the floor pillow thing a lot these days, trying to get that uncluttered light and airy look. That look that says, “I’m so cool I just toss pillows about.” I could be hip enough to pull off the floor pillow look I think, or at least I used to be. I do own a pair of mom jeans now. Just sayin’.

And, this is where Paisley likes to play so we’re often on the floor in here. If I put too much furniture in this room, I’ll end up finding it all pushed out of the way for a session of puppy playtime. So instead of the continued annoyance of shuffling the chairs back and forth, I just cleared the decks and chucked a couple of large pillows on the floor. Cottage Fix blog - white living room with comfy white sofa and soft blue floor pillowsLast but not least, this is my silly little summer vegetable garden. It was a pond once upon a time and we filled it in and turned it into a raised garden bed. I have three tomato plants, a red pepper, and a cucumber growing. It looks kinda crazy, but it really is fairly easy to keep free of the ivy and weeds, although I’m seeing a few now. I’ll get to those after this heat wave passes. Today our weather man included the word “oppressive” in the forecast. Oppressive. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Thank heavens for AC!Cottage Fix blog - my silly summer vegetable gardenxoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - galvanized bucket with white blooms and white sofa

ps. Thinking of painting the trunk with a soft gray chalk paint.

pps. Teetering back and forth on this like all the major decisions in my life. Grin!

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12 thoughts on “Cottage Fix summer garden and white blooms

  1. Kelly

    So glad to hear that you’re finally starting to feel better! I like your crepe myrtle bush. We have some pink ones in our front yard but not a white one. I like how you brought some blooms inside. I always forget to try that here! Your garden is small like ours. Sometimes, that’s the best kind though. Not as much work and yet just enough vegetables to feed your family. We’re still waiting on our tomatoes too ripen. We’ve only had one good one so far. They are taking their sweet time. I think your trunk looks great in the white color that it is now!

  2. Victoria

    I am laughing at your mom jean comment. girl, put those away. you are too cool for those. : ) I own two pairs of skinny jeans and I rarely ever wear them. I love that bohemian chic throw pillows look. If I do that at my house, they simply become dog beds for my three dogs. Your garden is looking pretty.

    1. sally Post author

      LOL -I didn’t realize they were mom jeans. My husband pointed it out one day and we laughed. He was right though. The bad news is they are so comfortable I keep on wearing them.

  3. Victoria

    Your home is so lovely and cozy! I’m originally from England and it very much reminds me of a little English cottage, not over done but just perfectly comfy and lived in. Love your floor pillows! I really, really would love a Rachel Ashwell bean bag chair but it’s not in the budget so I did buy a white Moroccan pouf on Amazon and am loving it…makes a great foot rest:)

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Victoria! I just checked out the Moroccan poufs on Amazon and they are awesome. So similar to the one from Rachel Ashwell. Great find!
      xo Sally

  4. Mary Alice Patterson

    Always fun to stop by for a visit…your wonderful posts always have me smiling the whole way through, Sally!
    Beautiful crepe myrtle. Ours seem to bloom later in the summer here…maybe it’s the variety we have.
    Mary Alice

  5. Ann

    So glad you are getting back to your “old self”. (I can relate to not usually feeling tiptop all the time, either). Your living space looks so comfy and inviting! The myrtle is beautiful!! Reigning from the northern Midwest, I first saw a myrtle tree when we were on vacation in the Carolinas several years back. They are lovely!!

  6. bonbon @ farmhouse 40

    Hi, So glad you are feeling better. Sometimes those summer colds can be the worse. Love the look of your living room and the tossed pillows. Stopping over from Something To Talk About link party.

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m having fun with those floor pillows. Our puppy has now decided that they’re the perfect spot to take a snooze. Should have see that coming!
      xo Sally

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