cottage fix mixes vintage goodies with a dollar store score… say it three times fast!

Hola Cottage Fix friends! I’m blogging in today with a dollar store score that I’m super excited about. All of these pretty dishes you see here on my trunk are vintage finds and also from my grandmothers cupboard except for one. Can you guess? Cottage Fix blog - cottage fix mixes vintage goodies with a dollar store scoreIt’s the charming pink goblets, I just love pink glass. And pink glass from the dollar store, are you kidding! I’ll be going back for two more in case any happen to break. I wish you could see my silly cheese grin right about now, it stretches from ear to ear.Cottage Fix blog - cottage fix mixes vintage goodies with a dollar store scoreThe purple depression glass bowls were my grandparents and the pink floral juice glasses I found at a yard sale. The dollar store glasses mix right in with the deep purple and pink floral. Oh, happy day!


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xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - dollar store pink goblets


8 thoughts on “cottage fix mixes vintage goodies with a dollar store score… say it three times fast!

  1. Victoria

    Your glasses are beautiful, I can’t believe you found those at the dollar store! I’ve been in the one by us and never have any luck finding anything but you really did score:) How lovely that you have some of your grandmother’s pieces too! We have a big flea by us every weekend that sells a lot of vintage china but I find it so outrageously expensive there, I usually have the best luck on Etsy.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Hope you have a lovely day in your beautiful cottage:)

  2. Julie

    I just love this, Sally! Anyone who perfectly mixes vintage treasures with Dollar Store bargains is “tops” in my book 😉 These pieces are great together!

  3. Dore

    Yes, it’s a screamer when we find something that will look a million times better out of its element of being a dollar store or a 99 cent store.
    I found great coffee/hot coco mugs tall slender, and out of shape, lead free, and no label on the bottom as to identifying them as cheap! All eight for $8.00 my big mistake is telling all my friends so when I went back 2 days later to buy more for that very reason of breakage 3 long shelves full of them all gone …. Yes not a one for me left. They stocked there shelves in their pricey cottage chic shops and sold the for $5.00 a mug, yep! And they were selling, they had that European cafe feel, and darn I look often to see if they ever stock again….I love how they fill my cabinet and always make me smile as to how great they look for just dollars 🙂

    You better run right away and get more before they are gone, and you are kicking yourself like I do!

    Can’t Waite to see them displayed in you cabinets.

    See you soon!

    You scored!!


  4. kelly

    What a great find! They look like expensive glasses too. I once had pink wine glasses to coordinate with my china back when I got married in the late 80’s. I have since gotten rid of them and now just have clear. I can see why you love them though. They really do match your other dishes well.

  5. Michele

    You did hit the jackpot. Congratulations at being there when the glasses were on the shelf ready to go home and mix it up with your vintage loot.

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