classic grays and shabby whites

Good morning Cottage Fix friends! I’m blogging in under glorious sun-filled skies and fresh dry air. I feel like I waited all summer long to say that. This summer was a hot sticky mess! And all though it’s still summertime and quite warm here on the East Coast, I can feel a hint of autumn in the air. Just a hint, just enough to know it won’t be long now before a hot pot of chili is simmering on the stove top and I’m pulling out the flannel pee jays. I even spotted the autumn clematis in bloom on my walk yesterday along the James River. Oh joy! The scent is just delightful.

Cottage Fix blog - classic gray knit pillows in the cottage living room

So we had rather an uneventful weekend, and Honey spent most of it working on his own projects. I found myself with some solo time on my hands and headed to the discount store around the corner to rummage through the clearance sections. I wasn’t really shopping for anything special, but I spotted these dark gray knit pillows that happened to be marked down from there already low price—and that’s how it began. The next thing I knew I was looking for companions to add to this classic gray pair and thinking about Fall decor starting to make it’s way here at Cottage Fix. A dark gray knit is a perfect place to start I think.

Cottage Fix blog - dark gray knit for Fall decorCottage Fix blog - Baronesse garden roseEven though this pillow collection is quite different than I usually go for, I’m hopeful it will mix and match easily with my stripes and floral patterns. Pillows are without a doubt one of the easiest ways to get a fresh look without spending a fortune. I scored all of these and the bright pink roses for under 50 dollars. Ahem… cha ching! For some people it’s clothes and shoes, and for some it’s beauty products and jewelry. For me, I’ll take a new goody or two from the home goods department and a trip to the fancy grocery store please.
Cottage Fix blog - cottage living room with dark gray knits and blues

Cottage Fix blog - dark gray knitSo as I changed out the look of the living room, it was inevitable that the sun porch would not be far behind. And since I added quite a lot of color and pattern in the living room I decided to use neutrals and shabby whites for an understated look on the sun porch. I love playing house!
Cottage Fix blog - roses in the cottage living roomCottage Fix blog - classic gray pillows and denim floor pillowsOn the sun porch I dressed the daybed all shabby white and along with the white painted brick and Simply Shabby Chic window panels it creates a fresh and crisp look.Cottage Fix blog - white on whiteOn the settee I kept it neutral with taupe stripes and damask, and I also added a baby’s breath bouquet (the tiny white blooms seem to last and last). I’m still digging my blue chippy paint trunk out here too, it really adds interest with all the shabby whites and neutrals Cottage Fix blog - shabby whites and neutrals Cottage Fix blog - shabby whites on the daybedI can’t wait for Fall, it invigorates me and just seems to put me in a good mood all day. The fresh crisp air is good for my soul. Fingers crossed for a fresh crisp fall. Cottage Fix blog - shabby whites and baby's breathHappy Hump Day!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - baby's breath


6 thoughts on “classic grays and shabby whites

  1. Victoria

    Your new pillows are gorgeous and it’s always nice getting a mark down on an already marked down product:) I’m with you, send me nick knack shopping then to Fresh Market for some goodies to eat and I am one happy girl…clothes shopping is a chore and jewelry shopping non-existent for me.

    Your sunroom looks gorgeous! I love your white brick wall, was it there when you moved in? I really want to do a white brick wall on my end living room wall, even tho it’s a townhouse. I think they have the facade ones that would work but I’m trying not to rush around and do everything all at once! Kyran told me to put my patience cap on LOL…sooooo hard for me to do!

    I’m looking forward to the nice non-humid Florida winter but I think we have a way to go before we get there! It’s always a treat visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful cottage, thank you for sharing:) Have a lovely hump day Sally!!!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Victoria! Yes, the brick wall was here when we moved in. It was painted a grayish taupe color and I painted it white. This old house has quite a few additions so I think these sun porch walls might be part of the original exterior. I’m so glad they weren’t covered up along the way. I think a brick facade would be pretty in your new townhouse!! xo

  2. Julie

    The gray knit pillows are going to be fantastic for fall, Sally! I am thinking of doing more neutral seasonal decor this year, so your color scheme inspires me. We are all of like minds here. I am not much of a clothing, makeup, or jewelry shopper, either. When there is extra money in my budget, it ALWAYS goes toward home decor!
    Enjoy the cooling temps and pretty days 🙂

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Julie! I love the way the neutrals look with the warm colors of Fall leaves and pumpkins. xo

  3. kelly

    I love your new pillows! I think you’ll be fine with being able to mix them easily with other colors and patterns. I wish it was starting to cool down here, but not yet. It’s 88 degrees today. I guess we’re cooling off by not being in the 90’s. Ha!

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