cottage fix blooming spring, whites, and ruffles

Hola Cottage Fix crew and happy weekend! Spring is bloom, blooming away here near the coast of Virginia and it’s just beautiful. There’s a cherry blossom in full bloom at the round-about near the entrance to our neighborhood that wins first prize for sure—the prettiest cherry blossom I’ve seen. I need to walk down there and get a good long look, and maybe even a quick iPhone photo. I’m just not sure I can snap a quick shot without getting busted looking too stalker–ish! Not sure?Cottage Fix blog - cherry blossom in vintage blue glass bottlesThere’s nothing like a spring day filled with flowers to get the ol’ foofing and fluffing juices flowing. Yes, I’m soaking up this blooming season and bringing it right on in to our quirky shabby cottage. Our cherry blossom out back, the one that I was so worried about, has really taken off. It’s thickly covered with tiny pale pink blooms, but they do get a tad sparse towards the edges of the branches. But still, it’s looking good. I brought in a few more tiny branches for my vintage blue glass bottles. And I also got the white ruffles out of my trunk to welcome spring with a bit of foof. This white round ruffle pillow is the one I got on clearance from Target last spring, it’s Simply Shabby Chic. It’s a really bright white which brightens up all the ivory on the sofa. I don’t usually mix different shades of white, but I see it sometimes in magazines and I’m always drawn to it. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Cottage Fix blog - living room with flowers, ruffles, and whites

Cottage Fix blog - flowers, ruffles, and whitesCottage Fix blog - cherry blossom flowering spring

Cottage Fix blog - whites, ruffles, and Miss Paisley taking a snooze

I always like to cut a few branches from our red bud this time of year too. But when I went out back with my small ladder and cutting sheers I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Farmer Brown likes to keep everything trimmed up so he can walk underneath without running into branches and spiders. I’m going to need a taller ladder!

Cottage Fix blog - red bud flowering spring

Cottage Fix blog - whites and ruffles

xoxo Sally

PS Paisley was in deep snore mode throughout this blog post. Spring is a bit exhausting for her with all of the guarding and chasing going on out in the back garden.
Cottage Fix blog - cottage living room with ruffles, flowers, and whites



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  1. Julie

    I am so envious of your blooming fruit trees, Sally. We don’t really have much to cut in our yard until the lilacs start popping in May. Our poor dogs have not been getting much chasing and guarding time outside yet, because it’s been so damp and muddy. I am losing the battle of dirty dog prints being tracked through the house, ugh!! I do like your bright white pillow with the ivory tones 🙂

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