cottage fix paints again & Derby’s debut

The key to a stress free, successful paint job is getting started early, having all of your materials ready to go, and taking your time.  So today was paint day and I woke early, excited and a little weary too at the task at hand.  Painting is not one of my favorite chores to tackle.


Before getting started I go for a walk, especially if I’m going to be stuck inside painting all day after all.  The fresh air will get me going.  I suggest to my daughter that she should invite a friend over to help keep her entertained.  Her friend is all set to join us for lunch.  Crud… I realize that there isn’t much to fix for lunch around here.  The day is a-wastin and I still haven’t started!  And by now I have also discovered that I am out of paint brushes and I can’t find a scraper, so we’re off to the store.  After lunch I am ready to go.  But first – a short little browse on Etsy to look for a set of hooks to hang in the the entryway that I’m about to paint.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to a little painting reward.  Okay, enough is enough!  No more dilly dallying about!  Time to paint!  The worst part about painting is getting set up and motivated!  So at the bright and early hour of around 1:30 PM I finally get my behind up on that ladder, and roughly four hours later our tiny little entryway is wearing the same shade of Luxury Linen as our dining room.  Now for those hooks!