a matter of perspective

Rise and shine! We’re up with the sun this morning to get an early start in the land of dusty floors and cottage dreams. I’m drowning in our bathroom remodel guys. Last I wrote, the cottage was being overtaken by our bath remodel tools and supplies. Little did I know, the clutter and junk would be settling in and multiplying. Holy cow this place is in complete chaos. I was planning on writing a post loaded with whining and moaning about the ends and outs of a reno. Ya know, the dust, the grime, the spur of the moment decisions. Some decisions I thought I would have the luxury of making near the end of this craziness needed making overnight in order for other things to happen on time. Nothing terrifies me more than a spur of the moment decision.

Cottage Fix - sunshine through the lace curtainAnyhow, after thinking about it all, what really came to mind was how thankful I am to have this little cottage. And how exciting it is to be treating the bathroom to a dose of classic cottage style. So somehow it seems to me that it’s all a matter of perspective. I have nothing to be complaining about and so much to be grateful for. And that’s it.

Cottage Fix - hex floor tiles

The classic subway tiles that will be going up soon along with those little marble hex floor tiles have me grinning ear to ear. The vintage cabinet that needs a bit of love and will soon be making friends with our vintage tub and sink got me dancing a jig around all the junk in our living room.  Man I love that tub and coordinating sink. Would it be weird if part of the reason I really wanted this place when we were house hunting was that cool old tub and super cool old sink.

Cottage Fix - sun shining through lace curtainSo things are moving along and we have progress! I’m just hanging out on cloud nine with the soaring birds and sunshine. I’m sure it’s just about time for me to pull my head out of the clouds and head out for paint and primer. I’m thinking white, but maybe pale gray. On the bright side the wall color decision is one I have some time to mull over. Mr. Manly is waiting on the primer though. So I’ll wrap things up.

Cottage Fix - Paisley's all tuckered outJust one last thing, I have to mention poor Paisley. It’s a hard job barking at contractors all day while still keeping the household running smoothly too. She’s all tuckered out. The work life of a miniature schnauzer can be exhausting! Grin!

xoxo Sally


4 thoughts on “a matter of perspective

  1. Vickie

    Your tile looks fabulous in your bathroom! Isn’t it grand when you can start to see the room taking shape? Poor Miss Paisley looks plumb tuckered out. Strangers in the house need to be watched and it looks as though she’s doing her job.

  2. Kelly

    Oh, I just LOVE those floors in your bathroom and I’m jealous over all the other stuff that will be going in there. We are not doing a major overhaul like you in our bathroom so I’m having to live with what we have for the most part. your little dog is so cute! He’s like ours with the barking of anybody new coming over.

    1. sally Post author

      I wouldn’t be jealous – this place is in complete chaos and it’s the kiddos bathroom! It had to get done though because of plumbing issues. Our master bathroom was added on in the 90s so it will be getting a refresh – not a gut. Thank you for the sweet comment!

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