bye bye winter blahs!

Hola Cottage Fix friends! How’s things your way? We are having one of those glorious Sunday’s here on the East Coast with loads of sunshine and fair skies, one of those days that trick you into thinking Spring might just come hopping around the corner any minute.

Cottage Fix - hyacinth and fruit for winter decorating

Well, I know better as I’m a bit obsessed with the weather. I’m always happy to chat about the snow they’re calling for on Tuesday and to find another weather lover to go over the latest forecast. Oh, and when my favorite local weather man decides to move back home to the Midwest, well, I sorta turn into a major grumpy pants.

Cottage Fix - coffee table trunk with hyacinth and fruit

But today is a beauty and we’ve been soaking it in. Miss Paisley got to carry her little derriere around the neighborhood on a morning walk, which is nice since we haven’t made it out to the trail in a while. Mr. Manly finished up the last of his bathroom projects before the drywall/tile contractor starts work next week. And I’m thinking it might even be warm enough for an afternoon bike ride. Okay, that might be pushing it, but we shall see.

Cottage Fix - white hyacinth

So winter’s not my favorite, it’s no secret. But I’ve decided I’m making up with winter and moving on. We’re friends now. I found these beautiful hyacinths at the market this morning, and holy moly they smell so good. I also bought the pears and apples and thought why not dress up the living room with those too. I’m thinking apple crumble is in my near future, oh boy! I’m all stocked up on ingredients to make my favorite comfort foods in case the snow does indeed head our way. It’s winter after all, and it’s not so bad.

Cottage Fix - galvanized bucket in the living room

And I love a flicker of candlelight, especially in the winter when the days are short and it’s chilly out. This is my go to, a votive in a jar.

Cottage Fix - bowl of apples and pears and a votive candle

I changed up the pillows a little in the living room too—ivory and Robins’s egg blue. One of the reasons I wanted to paint the walls white was to be able to bring in different colors more easily. But I still keep going back to my favorite – blue. Oh well, if I ever want to really switch things up it will be a cinch. I also added a pillow on the floor since we’ve been spending more time indoors, and Piggy likes to play fetch in the living room. It gives her victim a place to sit while she zoomies about. I think the room has a shabby chic vibe going on for winter with the blues and whites and crochet. Bye bye winter blahs!

Cottage Fix - shabby chic vibe in the living room with Robin's egg blue pillows and crochet

xoxo Sally

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3 thoughts on “bye bye winter blahs!

  1. Robin

    LOL, and here I thought I was the only weather obsessed person out there. My weather apps gets the most use of all the apps on my phone. I swear I check it every time I sit down. I love to see if the hourly forecasts are spot on or see just exactly the snow will start falling during the day – – I’m always a little let down if my app isn’t right. Weird right? I’m cool with that.

    Your pretty flowers are amazing, my favorite for spring, I’ve been checking out my local grocery store every time I’ve been in lately but so far they don’t have any out yet.

    Boy, long comment – sorry, but I thought I’d mention that I painted my living room walls a creamy white over three years ago and I still love it. It’s so easy to change the look of the whole room by just adding different colors. Which is good since I always want to change things up. About the only thing constant is my love of red with a whole lot of white. LOL.

  2. Kelly

    We had beautiful weather this weekend too. today is a different story entirely though! I love the pretty flowers you bought. I’m sure they are brightening your day to place them where you can enjoy them. The apple crumble sounds good too. I’ll be right over! I wouldn’t mind seeing some snow. Gotta be prettier than ugly rain that we’re getting!

  3. Kathy

    Woo hoo, snow here today. I have not seen any pretty items for spring at our local retailers. snow shovels are everyone’s main purchase. Lol

    I am going to steal that tealight in a jar idea. So pretty!

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