the autumn clematis is blooming here…

It’s my favorite time of year here on the east coast as late summer slides into early fall. If you were to ask me my favorite season, I would answer fall without a doubt. But it’s really the changing of summer into fall. When the air begins to cool, the humidity takes a backseat to crisp fresh air, and the windows go up throughout our cottage.

Cottage Fix blog - autumn clematis growing around a lake on the east coast

The tiny white blooms of the autumn clematis are the first sign that fall is almost here. This beautiful time of year seems to be waiting just on the other side of the garden gate.Cottage Fix blog - wooden fence and gate with autumn clematis blooming

The wooden fence and gate pictured above is an image I took while on my morning walk. The autumn clematis is abundant along this street in our neighborhood.

Cottage Fix blog - autumn clematis growing along the James RiverAbove is another image from the same stretch of road where the clematis grows along the river.
Cottage Fix blog - autumn clematis blooming in the garden

And here’s my funny little garden where the autumn clematis has taken over the stone column. I just pulled out all of my vegetable plants yesterday so it could thrive, the veggie plants were all done anyhow. I got three small tomatoes and a few cucumbers. I sure wish vegetables were as easy to grow as weeds!
Cottage Fix blog autumn clematis with our cottage in the backgroundIf a fairy were to walk down the aisle, I’m sure her bouquet would be made of these delicate blooms…

Cottage Fix blog - autumn clematis fairy bouquet

xoxo Sally

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7 thoughts on “the autumn clematis is blooming here…

  1. Kelly

    That is such a beautiful flower! I love how feminine and dainty it is. How nice to be able to just clip those and bring them inside!

  2. Julie

    Oh goodness, what beautiful pictures, Sally! I am a sucker for white lacy blooms! Sadly, my thumb leans more toward brown than green, haha.

  3. kerrie

    The Autumn Clematis delicately lacing your pathways makes for a beautiful walk. Summer into Autumn is a dreamy dance. The winds seem to be blowing Autumn in where we live in Northern California. This is when I spend the most time outdoors because the weather is just right. Enjoy your walks and then a rest in your peaceful sitting room.

    xo Kerrie

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