Friday Flowers – blooming branches

Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! And happy spring too! Just this past week the temps have been climbing a bit here near the coast of Virginia, and the early spring bloomers are making a beautiful scene all around town. In our garden, the magnolia, redbud, and cherry blossom are the first ornamental trees to bloom infusing a splash of color amidst the bare birches and fresh green grass. Although Farmer Brown is informing me we’re mostly weeds and moss this year as he’s taken a break from his aerating and seeding. But, it still looks fresh and green giving me that happy spring feeling, so it will do.

Cottage Fix blog - cherry blossom bloom

I snipped a few small cherry blossom branches to bring inside. The leaves are already starting to fill in to create a fuller look. I always like to put clipped branches in these tall metal vases. To get the branches to sit up straight I bend the clipped end to create a hook shape and then press it into the vase so the branch presses against both sides.

Cottage Fix blog - cherry blossom branches in a metal vase on our sun porch
Cottage Fix blog - magnolia blooms in a wreath

I added a few magnolia blossom to the wreath Farmer Brown made me. I just tucked the flowers into the vines and secured them with floral wire. Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long at all. Our front door gets full sun and these little guys wilted quickly. So it’s back to just a plain vine wreath for now.

Cottage Fix blog - magnolia bloom and vine wreath

In the sun porch you can see a glimpse of the redbud that’s in our side garden. It’s so nice and bright.

Cottage Fix blog - redbud blooming

Thanks so much for visiting!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - redbud in bloom in our side garden