please enjoy this garden bouquet while…

Salutation Cottage Fix Friends!  I’m in over my head here with cottage type makeovers and the sun porch so please enjoy this lovely garden bouquet while I’m knee deep in paint and brushes and this white swatch or that white swatch.  Please just imagine an eighties hit song of your choice arranged as elevator music while I get things together here.  I’ll be painting for today, or more realistically a couple days, or say it ain’t so – even longer.  Sob!

Cottage Fix - crepe myrtle bouquetUnfortunately getting in over my head isn’t a new theme in my life. I’ve acquired quite the track record when in comes to my enthusiasm getting the best of me.  Oh, and then there’s the matter of time perception — I’m usually a little off there too.  The time I decided to refinish our dining room floors with a four and six year old at home is a perfect example.  I allotted for three half days of work while the kids were at school. Roughly two weeks later, and with a helping hand from Mr. Save the Day, we had ourselves the most beautiful time consuming hardwood floors I’d ever seen.

Cottage Fix - crepe myrtle bouquet on a chippy paint trunk

So ladies please enjoy these crepe myrtle blooms while I paint the sun porch brick, by brick, … by brick.

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix - crepe myrtle bouquet in our cottage living roomSharing with Everyday Life Photography and Feathered Nest Friday


2 thoughts on “please enjoy this garden bouquet while…

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    Love the free flowing of your beautiful bouquet. There’s something about your comfy sofa with pretty pillows and throws that makes the perfect backdrop. When your painting is done, I know the end result will be so worth all the time and effort!
    Mary Alice

  2. Kathy

    You photography is beautiful. Love the different colors against the white shutters.

    Thank you for sharing and linking at the Everyday Life Photography party!

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