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gathering basket filled with blooms

Hi there Cottage Fix Crew! It has been one hot and humid summer here in Virginia and I’m so looking forward to fall! Although, our youngest little bird will be joining her older brother heading off to college this school year and I’m not so sure about how that will be. Dreadfully quiet I suppose, but they’re ready to soar! And waiting at home… their devoted, pining parents, unwillingly letting go of all helicopter parenting and lawnmower tendencies. I guess […]


Cottage Fix rustic baskets and summer whites

Salutations! We’re in the midst of a serious heat wave here on the east coast; I’m certain you could fry an egg on the blacktop in the afternoons. The air is thick and alive with the sounds of cicadas. I’m ever so happy to get through with my morning walk and retire to the air conditioning for the remainder of these hot, muggy days. I’m having a good ole time rearranging, shuffling mirrors around, and catching up on the massive […]