Monthly Archives: December 2014

a Christmas wreath of juniper and rosemary from the garden

Salutations! I’m blogging in today with a sweet whimsical DIY wreath to add a bit of Christmas curb appeal to any cottage. I just made this little guy using clippings of juniper and rosemary from the garden. It’s not flashy, but it’s just enough. I was planning on purchasing one when we picked out our tree. But they all looked so dried out and I was afraid if the wind blew the wrong way it just might vanish into a puff […]


fresh greenery and glitz Christmas centerpiece

Hola Cottage Fix friends! Christmas is brightening up our dining room with fresh greenery from the garden and glitzy vintage baubles from the attic. All my treasures from the attic are slowly finding homes throughout our cottage. And even though I told myself I wasn’t doing any fresh greenery this year other than the tree, the more I add the happier it makes me. I always worry about it drying out and dying; but I just love fresh greenery. So […]


cottage Christmas living room and a tiny tree

I finally made it into the attic and my son helped me unload way too many boxes of ornaments and lights. The front garden is all lit up with white twinkly lights, make that halfway lit up since I ran out of twinklies about halfway through the front bushes. And so it begins… I found the tiny silver ornaments in the attic and my daughter decorated the tiny little tree in the entry to our living room. It was kinda […]