summer hydrangea bouquet and the red door

Hola! Summer’s in full swing and the hydrangeas this time of year are spectacular. There’s a garden down the street from us growing a couple of bushes with bright pink blooms that catch my eye every time I drive by. Ours are out in the back garden and bloom French blue. We also have a lace cap in purple/blue. Our bush that usually produces purple blooms hasn’t done much so far this year, fingers crossed.

I created this bouquet with French blue hydrangea, purple lace cap, and a few sprigs of mint that’s looking a bit droopy.

Cottage Fix blog - summer hydrangea bouquet

Adding personality to our cottage has been on my mind lately. Both of our kids will be heading off to college in the fall and I’m craving a home filled with cheerful color and texture. I tried stripping down our foyer door and staining it a warm neutral. But that wasn’t working out so good. So I started considering a deep warm paint color and red came to mind. A warm earthy red is what I was thinking. This is Benjamin Moore hot apple spice in an eggshell finish. My son is home on summer break at the moment and he gave me a little nudge towards the red. I was just about to chicken out on the red in favor of my usual neutral gray and he said “No, do the red. The red will be good.” He also added that if I didn’t like it he’d paint it gray for me.

Well guys, I love it so much! I can see it coordinating well with a couple of red stripe French linen pillows on the sofa and a big ol’ green Christmas wreath. Does anyone else think about Christmas decorations all year long like I do? That was the first thing that came to mind when I went red… this will be pretty at Christmastime with a fresh pine or cedar wreath.

Cottage Fix blog - red door, Benjamin Moore hot apple spice in  eggshell

Maybe I’ll start a hashtag on Instagram #bringbackred because I’m diggin’ it!

Happy Summer!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - French blue hydrangea