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a vintage tool box centerpiece for Spring

Salutations!  Virginia has turned green — greener than green.  This is the time of year all the plants start growing and turn our town into a lush, green beauty.  The new ivy growth is vivid lime green lighting up our flower beds, and the birds are splashing around in the bath.  It’s looking like Spring out there for sure.  It’s been a hot week, but that’s okay.


the Virginia coast

This past week was the kids’ spring break so I decided to drag the family to the Virginia coast for a little rest and relaxation getaway. We headed to First Landing State Park and rented a cozy cabin nestled in the woods. Considering this destination is less than an hour from our home, I’m not sure why we hadn’t taken advantage of it before now. But on the drive home we promised to head back over the summer on a […]


hot chocolate

enjoying hot chocolate by the fire

On a chilly winter day what is better than snuggling up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate?  This recipe is rich, if not completely decadent, and whats even better is that it only takes three ingredients! It’s almost as easy as opening up the packet of hot coco powder mix, which I also enjoy.  We’ve been on a bit of a hot chocolate kick lately.  It’s not every year that winter in Virginia gets so bitterly cold […]


frozen in Virginia

Red Rose tea

According to Al Roker, Virginia, along with most of the country,  is experiencing some of the coldest air we have seen in at least a decade.  I find it kind of exciting!  Yesterday I talked with a couple of people who both hate the cold and the short days that come along with winter around here.  I used to hate it too.  But it got me to thinking, I really don’t mind winter anymore.  As long as the sun is […]


Virginia in the Fall

wooden bench with fall sweater and hat

Summer in Virginia is hot, sticky, and humid and just when you think you can’t take it anymore, in rolls a crisp, fresh breeze.  Up go the windows to let the cool air waft in.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love the cool sunny days, the warm hearty suppers, and the changing of the leaves.  I love the fact that I can pile on as many layers as I want and nobody knows that I ate one to many […]


a Virginia country scenic view

Tye Overlook Scenic view

This past weekend we took a break from our regular weekend chores and shenanigans and headed for the Virginia country.  This is the Tye Overlook at the James River State Park and the view is majestic.  We have visited this park a couple of times in the past few years and it is definitely becoming one of my family’s favorites. It is a beautifully romantic location with grazing cows, abundant scenic views, and wildlife at every turn – including bears.  […]


garden supper

One of my very favorite things about summer vacation is the long leisurely suppers by the pool or on a picnic table in the woods, wherever we happen to go that year. Nothing fancy, we usually order takeout or cookout on the grill. But along with some melon or strawberries and a bottle of wine, you have something special and reminiscent of those sweet summer days. Well its not quite summer, and we have no travel plans this weekend so […]