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Cottage Fix honeysuckle and a summery quilt

Good morning Cottage Fix friends! The heat and humidity have landed here on the east coast which is no surprise since we’re already into June. It’s in the mid-eighties today with moderate humidity and it really doesn’t feel that bad. I quite like these kinds of days, especially when the AC is cranked up if you know what I mean. With the humidity often come the rains, not all day, just here and there. So the garden is looking a […]


colorful vintage quilts to brighten up our weary cottage

Hello there Cottage Fix friends! I’ve been infusing our cottage with color using these lovely vintage quilts to make things happy all around. I’m home here all week with my daughter while she’s recovering from her second ear surgery, which turned out to be more intense and invasive than the surgery she had on her other ear this past summer. She’s a trooper though, she never ceases to amaze me. So I’ve been making lots of mac & cheese and […]