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chippy paint cabinet

I’m afraid I might start sounding like a broken record, but here it goes. I have been recovering from the flu this week, again! The minute I started to get sick, I just couldn’t believe it. I swear I was only completely well from the first bout for roughly one full day before this second round of illness settled in. As much as I was looking forward to winter this year, I’m done. I couldn’t be more over it. Anyways, […]


chippy paint door for cottage style

Salutations! I’m blogging in today with a new addition to the cottage living room and I have to say I’m quite tickled with myself over this one. I’ve been wanting, make that obsessing over, a chippy paint door. I’ve seen so many dreamy weathered beauties on the web, but only a couple while out hunting around town for treasure and chippy paint goodness. The few that I found have been marked too high for me and the likes of an […]