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a kitchen table

I’ve always wanted a table in my kitchen, something understated and casual.  There’s something so old fashion about having a kitchen table, and it seems these days the kitchen table has slowly given way to the ever so popular kitchen island.  It’s so grandma chic and ever so cozy to share a meal at the kitchen table. I’m still moving things this way and that way after the piano landed in our living room, which is making the living room […]


wicker chairs

Time for a little switch-a-roo! With all of the painting, repainting, and rearranging going on there is never a dull moment around here. A friend of mine recently admitted that she has never seen my living room the same color twice. Every time I think of this it makes me laugh! I’m happy to say the mocha latte shade in the living and dining room is feeling right, it’s here to stay. And man, am I glad. I don’t think […]


dining chairs, a cottage fix splurge

dining table with pinecone

Well, sometimes no matter how hard you look for comfortable, reasonably priced vintage chairs, you end up having to buy brand spankin new ones instead.  We have been needing new dining chairs since we moved into our cottage. Our new dining room is smaller than the one we had before and the old wicker chairs just didn’t quite fit. In order to make everything feel like it fit, we would keep two in the corners of the room and pull […]