Christmastime xo

Happy Holidays Cottage Fix Crew! Decorating… check! Everything else holiday/Christmas-y…not so much. Christmas trees started appearing on car tops the day after Thanksgiving which is a sight I love to see. But it also made me feel like I was already falling behind on my elf duties. Well, the cottage is all decked out and I have a shopping list started in my head. And — I saw a recipe on Ina Garten that looks yummy to take to my parent’s for Christmas Eve supper.

Cottage Fix blog - Christmas tree on our sun porch and candlelight

Some years I feel more Christmas-y than others so I tried to make it feel all cozy and snug here in the land of vintage baubles and white galore. The tree is out on the sun porch this year, and it smells divine. It’s a bit larger than we usually go for—I’m never going back to the dinky little tree!
Cottage Fix blog - Christmas tree on the sun porchCottage Fix blog - vintage baubles

On the mantle I added fresh pine and bright red baubles. And on the blue hutch i added wine. Wink!Cottage Fix blog - Christmas mantle with pine and vintage red baublesCottage Fix blog - pine and vintage baubles

This is the star my Simon made for me when he was just a little fella. Isn’t it the sweetest. It’s always one of my favorite Christmas things.Cottage Fix blog - star

On the tree we added a mix of vintage baubles and our eclectic mix of ornaments and beads.Cottage Fix blog - Christmas tree on the sun porchCottage Fix blog - vintage bauble And this cute little wreath I purchased from Trader Joe’s. It’s a tabletop wreath, but the candle I got to put inside was too large. So I ended up hanging it on the mirror with a sticky hook instead.Cottage Fix blog - natural Christmas wreathxoxo Sally