10 thoughts on “Subscription confirmation

    1. sheila

      Just found your blog, can hardly wait to read all of your posts. That porch was
      just darling! This was a nice spot to find after a hectic week. THANK YOU!

  1. Sandee Schnupp

    Hi, just found yoursite last evening and I love your home; so sweet and cozy!!! I live in a cape cod house in northernb Va. in which we have added a large addition. I love “shabby-chic” but my husband is not so crazy about it; he does not like the “chippy look” at all,oh well I guess he is entitled to his opinion. Anyway I”m anxious to read your posts and see more of your pretty rooms. Wishing you and your family a “Merry Christmas”. Sandee.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Sandee!! My husband has given in to my shabby chic look, or as he likes to call it “tetanus waiting to happen.” lol My mom has a cape cod and there are so many in our neighborhood – love them! Merry Christmas!
      xoxo Sally

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Sandee!You shouldn’t have to subscribe again. I haven’t had the chance to send one out in a while. I’m planning on putting something together after our bathroom remodel is done. So look for one a few weeks and thanks for the blog love!
      Xo Sally

  2. Wende

    Hi……i love how i stumble onto Wonderful blogs via the..link party..i’m guessing you live in VA after reading a few..yrs worth of your adventures..i’m on MD’s eastern shore..and i’m happy to say..the weather has warmed up nicely the last few days..even turned off the heat..altho..i could do without rain every 3-4 days..hope you have a nice Easter weekend…i look forward to having you visit my inbox.!

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Wende, yes I’m in VA and we’ve warmed up nicely here too. We must be getting the same rain, which I could also do without. Thanks for the blog subscription. I send out a newsletter every few months or so.
      Happy Easter!

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