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easy overnight sticky buns for Christmas morning

Every season I try to come up with an easy treat to whip up for the family on Christmas morning. A few years ago I tried already prepared frozen treats that thaw overnight and you bake in the morning. Another year I made Belgium yeast waffles that had to be started the night before. I started this yummy confection last night and this morning just popped it in oven to bake at 350 degrees F (175 C for the rest […]


fresh lemon layer cake

Salutations!  I brought home some cute little lemons last week mostly for decoration for our kitchen table. I also wanted to make a lemony something or other out of them too, but I just wasn’t sure what. I whirled around some ideas in my head — lemon chicken or lemon pasta maybe — something on the healthy side.  But instead of something leaning towards the healthy side I went with a cake, a fresh lemon layer cake from scratch. The recipe is […]