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decorating, with a skinny wallet

cottage armoire

I have been chipping away at the living room bit by bit, happily dreaming of what my next move might be.  I love weathered wood and velvet pillows and soft lighting and oh I wonder what I might find?  And I’m on a budget, of course.  When bam!  It’s a good old-fashioned government shutdown, complete with bickering and insults from both parties.  I would love to tell you my thoughts on this, but this is a decorating post after all.  […]


cottage luxury linen

cottage dining room

Luxury linen may not be in the budget for the upholstery, but I think I can swing it for the paint color. I painted our dining room a of couple of months ago this soft shade of ivory called Luxury Linen by Valspar. I have a hard time picking out paint colors, and there are usually paint swatches here, there, and everywhere! I’m lucky if the swatch that I struggle to choose is the one that makes it to the […]


vintage media

vintage media cabinet pic

Well, I’ve been working on this vintage media cabinet and I’m not quite sure about it. But, I think I’ll live with it for now. It was actually lovely with floral decoupage on the doors, but it did not go with what I had going on in the guest room so out came the white paint. Once upon a time it lived happily in my daughter’s room, but apparently she is not a little girl any more and has outgrown […]



I have been working on our guest room for a few months now. The walls are painted a soft shade of cream, thanks to some help from my mom, and all of the main furniture pieces are in place. There are really only two, a daybed and a media cabinet – both vintage pieces. Since we rarely have company and the kids have overtaken this room, I thought this petite daybed would work nicely. The original three seat cushions (that […]