Monthly Archives: September 2017

fresh and simple Autumn mantel under $10

Autumn is my favorite time of year, especially early Autumn in Virginia when the days are bright and crisp and the cottage windows are popped open. It’s when the cool breeze floats in and there’s a pot of chili simmering away on the stove top that it really starts to feel like fall around here. And as far as seasonal decorating goes, it’s easy to add a touch of romance into the mix without spending a ton. A ton to […]


vintage mantel

Salutations! So what kinds of goodies do you like to look for when you’re out treasure hunting? Is it that perfect weathered patina, or something that you can revive with paint? Do you like to head out with a list and a plan, or casually look? I’m a browser, it drives my honey bonkers! Grin. Sometimes trying to figure out what to do with old pieces is like cracking a code of sorts. To paint or not to paint? Distress […]


Friday flowers ~ garden blooms in a blue Ball jar

Hola fine people of the world wide webernet! I’m blogging in today with a wild looking bouquet plucked straight from the back garden. I arranged these in my grandma’s old blue Ball jar. This perennial flower is a bright pink daisy–like bloom with an orange center, i’d say the coloring is very similar to the pink cone flower. I always love when these start to appear out back, it means fall is not far off. This patch of late summer […]