Monthly Archives: July 2017

summer love

The latest summer view on our sun porch and at the nearby trail. I simplified our sun porch with the addition of three white linen pillows that I borrowed from our living room. I”m digging this clean fresh look on our sun porch doused in sunshine and whites. I scored these classic linen favorites a while back from H&M. xoxo Sally


sun porch mirror,shabby chic styling, and quiet

Salutations! I’ve been having some fun here in my quirky little cottage with the wonky furnishings and shabby decor while this homestead is feeling not quite so full. Honey has been on work travel for what seems like most of the summer, and the long, hot days are feeling even longer. So to keep myself busy in those quiet hours between morning and night, when the supper dishes are still drying, and mother nature has cast her magical sort of […]


it’s hot

Hola Cottage Fix friends! How’s your summer going? It’s hot here, week after week of hot. This past weekend Honey and i hopped on our bikes and headed to the nearby trail for a morning hike, something that has become somewhat of a weekend ritual for us. As we pulled in to park our bikes along the fence, I could feel a warm breeze coming off the shore and was greeted by the scent of the drying river bank. It’s […]