Monthly Archives: June 2017

garden hydrangeas

Salutations and happy summer! Our summer garden is in full swing and the hydrangeas are blooming a variety of colors this year. From deep purple to classic blue, they are one of my favorite flowers, especially to cut and bring inside. I picked a couple of new blooms in lime green to add to this bouquet too. One was on it’s way to turning purple and the other blue. So I did some investigating about hydrangea color… Can you manipulate […]


happy cottage color

Hello there fine people of blogland! How are you? It’s been quite busy around here the past few weeks and I’m ready to get going on some decorating changes that I’ve been milling over. Let me tell you—if you want a wall color that will instantly improve your mood and put a smile on your face, paint it yellow! This is our guest room/game room, and every time I come in here I wonder why I didn’t paint my whole […]


Friday flowers ~ garden pickings

Happy Friday Cottage Fix Crew! How ’bout this scrappy collection of garden pickings I rustled together into a bouquet of sorts. Grin. It stormed like crazy here Wednesday with hail pelting down and buckets of rain pouring from our rooftop. I went around the house checking for water coming in to the sound of the clanking ice. No water! Phew. Apparently trees went down all over the neighborhood, so we were lucky here to just have flying yard debris. Our […]