Monthly Archives: April 2017

floral paper meets vintage mirror~ DIY art

Salutations! I’ve been working on this wallpaper backed mirror on and off for the past couple of weeks. The mix of vintage mirroring and floral paper creates something quite lovely, and even a bit magical. It’s a fun project and any old (or new) mirror will work for this. For mine, I used new pink floral wallpaper that I had ordered online earlier this year, but vintage papers are especially nice for this project. I first saw something like this […]


Saturday spring in pictures

Hola Cottage Fix friends! It’s been one of those couple of weeks. I’ve been so busy with this and that and family and life— it’s just been a jam packed spring so far. I’m working on a couple of fun things that I hope to finish up and share with you soon. For today, it’s a collection of spring photos from my Instagram and iPhone… xoxo Sally    


cottage fix blooming spring, whites, and ruffles

Hola Cottage Fix crew and happy weekend! Spring is bloom, blooming away here near the coast of Virginia and it’s just beautiful. There’s a cherry blossom in full bloom at the round-about near the entrance to our neighborhood that wins first prize for sure—the prettiest cherry blossom I’ve seen. I need to walk down there and get a good long look, and maybe even a quick iPhone photo. I’m just not sure I can snap a quick shot without getting […]