Monthly Archives: October 2014

a romantic rainy day

Salutations! It’s nonstop rain here today on the East Coast, which I don’t mind. I like the odd rainy day as long as it’s sandwiched between several days of sunshine. I’m not sure why we correlate rain with romance, but it’s lovely. Doesn’t a cup of morning coffee seem to taste extra delightful when it’s raining out? Aah, a hot cup and a cozy knit throw on a soaker of a morning is pure bliss. Paisley on the other hand […]


my love of a white painted cottage

Hello there! Thanks for popping over today to share in my latest obsession, my love of a white painted cottage. Give me light, bright and airy! Give me white! It’s not really a new obsession I suppose, but it’s one I try to put out of my mind for the fear I might actually take things to the next step and get out the paint brush. Ever since I painted the sun porch white, I’ve been completely over the moon […]