Monthly Archives: March 2014

warm whites, camellias from the garden, and a vintage crochet throw

I’m lightening things up for Spring with warm whites, red camellias from the garden, and a vintage crochet throw. The sofa is wearing all neutrals with white and taupe pillows and an ivory crochet throw, apparently she needed a little break from blue. I’ve been noticing more all white rooms on Pinterest and I want in!


puppy love

She’s here!  The sweetest, dreamiest little bundle of fluff, and she is so charming. I hope she doesn’t mind being photographed because there’s no getting out of it around here.  Meet Paisley, our 12 week old salt and pepper miniature schnauzer. She has made our home feel lighter in a way. She is soft, gentle, and sweet!


chippy clay pots in the dining room

Bringing the outdoors in…  I brought in these chippy clay pots from the back garden after I finished painting and distressing the dining table.  I think they are going to be so fun to have in the dining room, with these violas, maybe paper whites at Christmastime, or cut flowers when the garden starts to bloom.  These violas will love it inside until it warms up some outdoors. Until then, the dining room is smelling delicious.  Violas can thrive in […]