Monthly Archives: November 2013

fall centerpiece

camellia and fall fruit

Happy Fall!!  So this is one of my new favorite decorating tips.  While you’re at the market, fill your basket with some of your families favorite produce, add some flowers or herbs or whatever you have from the garden, and call it a centerpiece.  I love how simple and pretty it looks.  My kiddo’s fall fruits of choice are pomegranate, pears, and apples, but the possibilities are endless!  A few posts back I did a similar centerpiece with clementines, I […]


sage green armoire and pillows

Don’t laugh!  The armoire that I painted gray a couple weeks ago is now showing off a soft shade of sage green.  What can I say?  It happens!  It takes me forever to make up my mind and I often drag decisions out for as long as I absolutely can.  After months with no sofa, I picked out our family room sofa under a threat from my hubby “either pick out a sofa in 15 minutes or I’ll pick one […]


clementine centerpiece

clementine with shutters

We’ve been pinching our pennies lately trying to save for Christmas, the upstairs bath remodel, and all of those things that just sort of pop up when you least expect it.  I don’t like it at all, but I’m sure I’ll be happy when we are picking out tiles and faucets!  My mom dropped off these beautiful clementines and I decided to use them for our dining table centerpiece along with a couple sprigs of camellia.  I don’t usually go […]