Monthly Archives: August 2013

DIY garden lantern

cottage garden lantern

Sunday Fun-day! I guess I’m on a DIY kick! Once I start I just can’t seem to stop, it’s addictive. This is the piece of chicken wire I found on the side of the road a few weeks ago turned lantern. It was really quite easy to make once my hubby hooked me up with some heavy duty wire cutters. I cut the fencing to the length I wanted the lantern to be, you can see in the first picture […]


DIY row of hooks, cottage fix style

DIY hooks

To say that I have been obsessing over a row of hooks for the front entry would be… lets say on the gentle side. I believe I have gone completely hook mad! I have checked all of my usual shops and searched every other day on etsy and ebay. I did find a couple I really liked, but apparently I have very expensive taste. Which is a little surprising considering my top picks are chippy, weathered, and old. I also […]


cottage roadkill

vintage chicken wire in ivy

Anything sounds cute when you put the word cottage in front of it – roadkill or cottage roadkill.  Hee hee!  I’ll take one cottage roadkill please. So I’m doing a little house hunting with my mom when she yells out “Stop! Back up!”  So I do and behold, we have stumbled upon the most charming little pieces of vintage chicken wire.  Why is it that even the chicken wire was cuter back then? One unexpected bonus to living in an […]


cottage fix paints again & Derby’s debut

cottage entry with Derby the dog

The key to a stress free, successful paint job is getting started early, having all of your materials ready to go, and taking your time.  So today was paint day and I woke early, excited and a little weary too at the task at hand.  Painting is not one of my favorite chores to tackle. Before getting started I go for a walk, especially if I’m going to be stuck inside painting all day after all.  The fresh air will […]