Friday sunflowers and a case of bad luck

Hola Cottage Fix Crew! Not much in the way of foofing going on for me these days in my little section of cyber-land. It’s been a case of bad luck here with one thing after another going wrong for what feels like an eternity now. Cars breaking down, appliances breaking down, and to top it all off, three out of four family members breaking down—what the heck is going on! We’re nursing various sports injuries, and I was stuck on the couch with a sore all last week. Although qualifying mine as a sports injury may be a bit of a stretch since my repertoire of sports can be summed up with walking the nearby trail and taking an aerobics style exercise class at the YMCA. Yes, I’m a real athlete! At this point somebody just pour me a glass of wine while I change into my jammies. Maybe I’ll get buff next year!

Cottage Fix blog - sunflowersHoney surprised me with these happy sunflowers after being down for at least a week with my “sports injury.” Ahem… Aren’t they pretty! I love the bright happy color which was ever so welcome here in our shabby cottage while I’m fighting off the downy dumps brought on by a never ending spell of bad luck. Warding off the downy dumps is quite a challenge when things are breaking down on what seems like a weekly basis, including the ability to participate in the simple things in life like walking the dog and fixing dinner. It’s feeling so good to be getting back on track and not to mention a shiny new fridge is getting delivered on Tuesday (that would be the broken down appliance that we ended up replacing). It actually was delivered today, but wouldn’t fit through the cottage doors so I had change the order to the counter depth version. But lets not dwell on that little hiccup. Things are looking up I’m sure. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the land of rainbows, shooting stars, and four leaf clovers are on the horizon. Cottage Fix blog - sunflowers and ivory sofa

Sunflowers in the fall. That’s all.

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - sunflowers in the fallPS My comments are currently turned off due to a spam overload. I hope to get them back up and running soon.