elegant shabby chic finds

Happy Weekend! I’m blogging in today to show off a couple of my latest thrift store finds that don’t “say” thrift store to me at all. No, they belong more in the land of elegant shabby chic finds and cottage dreams. It’s a lovely set of ruffled dessert plates and yet another set of floral drapes that I couldn’t pass up. I’m trying to be more selective about what I bring home, but at thrift store prices, it’s always too easy to just say “yes.” So I bring it on home and see if it works without any of that retail guilt I sometimes get shopping new.Cottage Fix blog - vintage floral shabby chic dessert platesI think these vintage plates are one of my favorite finds . They’re far from pristine as the delicate floral pattern and gold details are gently fading, but no chips that I could see. They’re pretty enough to leave out stacked on the table, and they also look sweet in my china hutch. So happy I splurged! Wink.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic taupe drapesCottage Fix blog - pink floral bouquetAnd these drapes, can you blame me? I think they call this mattelasse, but i’m not sure if this qualifies as that or not. It’s a soft taupe background color (somewhat shimmery and crinkly) with an ivory floral pattern. The reverse is the opposite with an ivory background and taupe floral pattern. I washed them and let them air dry which added to their crinkled appearance.

I know what you might be thinking… didn’t she just buy a set of blue floral drapes for this window? Ahem… why yes that’s true. I’m hoping to make (or more like “have made” since I can’t sew a lick) a slipcover for our family room chair. A blue floral cottage comfy chair has always been on my wishlist.

Cottage Fix blog - pink bouquet and vintage dessert plates

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic drapes

Cottage Fix blog - stack of vintage plates with gold ruffled edge

Cottage Fix blog - taupe drapes and pink bouquetAnd these flowers, so yummy! It’s a mix of three different pinks since they didn’t have enough of any one bloom to fill up my can. I mixed one giant hydrangea bloom with carnations and spray roses for a full bouquet of soft pinks.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic drapes and pink bouquet

xoxo Sally


2 thoughts on “elegant shabby chic finds

  1. Victoria

    You have such good luck with thrift store curtains! They look gorgeous, as did your other ones and I think using the others to make a slip cover is a wonderful idea:) Can’t wait to see it! Gooorgeous plates, you scored with those! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. My hubby is sick so it’s very uneventful over here, just watching tons of Netflix and Amazon Prime while he snoozes away:)

  2. Julie

    I have to say that you hit the thrifting jackpot, Sally! There are certainly no stores around here that have such wonderful finds. And you have a great eye, which helps you sift through the junk to find the best treasures 🙂

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