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Happy Friday! I’m so ready for the weekend I can’t stand it! I’ve been working on my painted dining table on and off for the past couple of weeks. Oh dear, this was a project complete with meltdowns, indecision, and straight up fiasco. And I probably should add that I’m still not entirely certain what color this painted table actually is. Is it gray, maybe charcoal gray? It looks sort of brown at times. I don’t know? It’s been a dreary, overcast sort of Friday here on the coast. So maybe tomorrow when the sun rises bright I’ll be able to declare a color. Or maybe not. It’s a dark neutral of some sort, that I’m sure of. Which I think is what I was going for. Isn’t it?

Cottage Fix blog - painted tableI got it in my head that I wanted the dining room to blend better with our kitchen so I painted our table black to compliment our kitchen counters. (Also saw something so pretty on the world wide web featuring a black dining table, and you know how it goes…) Black turned out to be too harsh in here and it didn’t go with the other adjacent rooms. So I just left it for a week or so while I tried to figure out what to do.

I decided to paint it charcoal gray next. This, I really, really liked. So I got out the handy sander and began to distress it. And well, it looked awful!! So I added more gray paint and decided to skip the heavy distressing that I usually like. Done. Now I just need to put on a coat of wax and call it a day. So I went for my white wax and went to town. And it looked awful, again! At about this time honey comes to check on me and asks “are you having a meltdown?” With my shoulders slumped staring at the table in dismay, “maybe, I think so.” So I frantically started painting the table light gray with some leftover paint form another project and ran out of paint half way through. You know it! Meltdown!
Cottage Fix blog - painted table and shabby chic pillowAfter a restless night’s sleep, I painted yet another coat of charcoal gray chalk paint and topped it with dark antiquing wax. I think I might like it. But like it or not, it will just have to do for now. I’m hoping it will distress some as we use it. I’m really enjoying the dark color in here. It adds some weightiness and looks kind of sophisticated. Which happens to go perfectly with me, so, so sophisticated. Grin. I’m sure only a very sophisticated type would suffer several hissy fits and meltdowns as things weren’t going their way. Ahem…Cottage Fix blog - painted table and white chairsAnd with a touch of candlelight…

Cottage Fix blog - dining room with painted tableHave a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally


7 thoughts on “the painted table

  1. Kerrie

    It sounds like an ordeal for sure but it looks lovely. We just gave our dark round table to our son who moved out last month. We have replaced it with a driftwood grey round and placed our weathered grey wicker chairs around it for now. It really brings a more coastal vibe. I like how your table in the dark grey gives a richer french nordic feel to your space. And where are your white bistro chairs from? Love them. It is all lovely.

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you so much Kerrie! I’m liking the table more and more. I’d like to find a pretty runner to go with the new color. The chairs I got a few years back from Restoration Hardware. xo

  2. Dore @Burlap Luxe

    OH my thos space calls out to me… A job well worth every hour of your time to achieve such beauty that inspired.

    I have to say that lampshade chandelier is the most perfect unique piece for this space. Makes me wish it were mine.

    I have a new brocante home post up as well xx


  3. Vickie

    I personally like a dark table to ground a room, so I think your choice of color is lovely. I have been in that melt-down mode every time I’ve made a big change around our house. My hubby knows to walk in a wide circle around me and keep his opinions to himself. hehe

    I agree with Dore. Your unique vintage chandelier, china cabinet, chalkboard, chippy old shutter, newly painted table- all together they create a cozy cottage dining room.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope the sun shines for you, Sally!

  4. Victoria

    Sally, I think it looks fantastic! The white chairs lighten it up and your light fixture above is seriously to die for!!! Isn’t it amazing how much light can change color? Our patio is painted in the awful peach that the previous owners were obsessed with so, when it’s really bright outside, it shines in and gives my white kitchen a “peachy” hue…grrrr, I hate it!

    We’ve all had meltdowns, we had quite the debacle when Kyran was attempting to hang our t.v. on the wall. I think I may have to do a blog post about one, I was SUCH a drama queen over it LOL. Hope you’re having a good start to the week!

  5. kelly

    I really like it! It looks like a dark charcoal grey or light black. Not sure if that’s really a color but you know what I mean. I like the weathered look you gave it.

  6. Julie

    I LOVE the finished table, Sally. I think it looks very expensive! I can relate all too well with the melt-down process, though. Some projects just make me a crazy woman, and I don’t always have the most patience to see them through to the end…ugh! Anyway, I do think your table is perfect, and the visual weight is nice!

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