Cottage Fix fall tablescape

Hola Cottage Fix friends! It finally happened, fall has landed here on the East Coast. Yay! The air is cool, a few of our windows are open, and pumpkins are popping up all over town. Please just let me bask in this autumnal delight for a week or two, just to really soak it all in. Pretty please!

So with the weather starting to turn I couldn’t resist creating a bit of a fall tablescape, Cottage Fix style. I like something easy going, but still elegant. And of coarse, skimpy on the wallet. Why am I so cheap? Oh yeah, I remember… saving my pennies for a new pillow that I really need, because I always need a new pillow! Grin!

Cottage Fix blog - fall tablescape

Cottage Fix blog - pine cones and pears tablescape

These pears are the perfect shade of red-ish to add warmth to my mostly blue and white space. So with a few pears from the market, a hunt in the back garden for pine cones, and the soft glow of tea tights I was well on my way to a cozy fall look. I tend to keep my centerpieces low, or else I find myself removing them every time we sit down to enjoy a meal. That gets old.

Cottage Fix blog - fall tablescape

Cottage Fix blog - pears in a vintage colander

To make things look a tad less haphazard, I anchored everything with this natural cotton table runner. It’s a curtain panel from the thrift store that I washed and tore into shape to fit our dining table.  Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Cottage Fix blog - pine cones and pears on a cotton runner

Cottage Fix blog - fall tablescape with pine cones and pears

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xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “Cottage Fix fall tablescape

  1. Julie

    The pears are the perfect nod the the season, Sally. I think your simple, natural fall decor fits your home beautifully.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Julie! I love the soft red color of the pears, and I’ve already started thinking about pear tart recipes. The coffee shop in our neighborhood has a pear panini that I’m hoping to try! Xo

  2. kelly

    I like your table centerpiece idea! I agree that it’s better to keep it low so you don’t have to move it. I hope that you’ll be safe during the storm heading your way.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Kelly! It doesn’t look like Matthew is forecast to make it up to Virginia, thank goodness! They’re saying we’ll still get some rain and wind though, and to keep a watch as things could change. Thanks for the well wishes!! Xo

  3. Victoria

    Your tablescape it perfect, very Autumnal but not fussy or gawdy:) I am so in love with the light you have hanging over your table, can you put a close up of it on Instagram? Would love to see it in more detail!!! A very cozy dining room to enjoy your Fall dinners at:)

    I hope Matthew has stayed well away from you! We got very lucky being on the west coast of FL and didn’t see any of it thankfully but I feel awful for those who did:( Have a lovely weekend!

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