Friday flowers lingering garden blooms

Happy Friday! I’m blogging in today with a collection of lingering blooms from our back garden. It’s so nice to step out and still be greeted by a sea of bright color this late in the season. All the rain we’re getting along with the mild temperatures, things just keep on blooming. This weekend is forecast to be a rainy blustery few days with hurricane Matthew looming to our South. I hope everyone down there stays safe! Cottage Fix blog - lingering garden blooms in the windowsill Cottage Fix blog - lingering garden bloomsI painted the trim on our staircase a couple of weeks back. It was one of the many cloudy wet days we’ve had lately so there wasn’t much natural light coming in. I was just truck truckin’ along thinking this fresh white color looks so bright compared to the old color, it must dry a couple of shades darker. As I finished the entire stairwell I stepped back only to realize I had used the wrong color paint.  Ugg!Cottage Fix blog - staircase and garden bloomsCottage Fix blog - lingering garden bloomsSo after I finished throwing a tiny little hissy fit, I took one of our shutters into Lowes for a color match. It came out close enough that I’m not going to need to paint all of the trim in our whole house over to match. Yikes! Crisis avoided! Cottage Fix blog - cottage living room, staircase, and windowsill

Cottage Fix blog - lingering garden bloomsI arranged three little vases with the garden blooms to dress up the windowsill. It’s a mix of white creamers, blue glass bottles, and pinks and purples from the garden. I always like to celebrate a job with a pretty treat of some sort. It helps get me through!Cottage Fix blog - flowers in the windowsill and a straw toteHave a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally


4 thoughts on “Friday flowers lingering garden blooms

  1. Vickie

    That totally sounds like something I’d do!! I’m so glad the color is close, because painting stairwell trim is not an easy task. Your flowers look sweet brightening up the window in your landing. It’s snowing here, so I’m sure my morning glories are history. boo! Love your xoxo letters, too!

  2. kelly

    Your flowers look so pretty in the windowsill. Thank goodness your paint job was salvaged! I hate painting. If I could afford to have someone else do interior painting, I would! Hope you escape the bad wind and rain associated with hurricane Matthew. We’re enjoying sunshine but have a lot of wind today.

  3. Victoria

    Your vases look so pretty on the window sill! Ugh, sorry about your painting fiasco. It’s really hard to tell the color of paint when it’s not dry. I painted our bathroom last week and it was not fun, I was sweating buckets and sore for days afterwards. I put a blog post up last Sunday so hopefully you can pop over when you have time.

    Your staircase is so lovely though, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!

  4. Julie

    Thank goodness you don’t have to repaint! The pink and purple flowers are so pretty. I agree about hanging on to what’s still out in the garden as long as possible. It will be freezing soon.

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