cottage living heading into fall

Salutations! The air is finally starting to turn here. And even though it’s still quite hot, the humidity is down and the air is starting to feel fresh. We were even able to open the windows and keep them up for a few days. The weekend storm came and went without too much drama other than a few hours without power and a ton of yard clean up from the wild, wild wind. I had a good ole time playing real life “Pick–up–sticks,” and Farmer Brown thatched the lawn to get a head start on seeding.

As far as the fluffing and foofing around here goes, I’m pulling in just a touch of darker tones for fall with deeper shades of gray and blue in the living room and a touch of candlelight sprinkled about. I brought out the tea lights for the storm and with the days drawing shorter, it seemed just as good a time as any to keep them out heading into fall.

Today I’m blogging in with a collection of photos from my Instagram page highlighting that moodier, fall feeling. I’m sure I get anxious at the end of every summer awaiting fall’s first breath and the crackle of the leaves. I’m so ready for pumpkin spice, fresh crisp air, and fall color—I can hardly stand it!

Cottage Fix blog - afternoon light on the sun porch

Cottage Fix blog - dark gray pillows in the living room for heading into fall

Cottage Fix blog - evening sky

Cottage Fix blog - chocolate chip pancakes and roses

Cottage Fix blog - candlelight on the sun porch

Cottage Fix blog - evening blue sky

Cottage Fix blog - the lived in look on a Sunday evening

Cottage Fix blog - tea light in a hanging jar

xoxo Sally