super easy five minute photo display ~DIY

Salutations! Do you remember back in the day when we took pictures with film and then had them developed. I sure do. Gasp! Today I’m sharing an easy and inexpensive photo display DIY, and to top it all off, it only takes about five minutes or so to put together.Cottage Fix blog - tiny clothespins and hemp rope for a DIY photo displayI ordered these tiny little clothespins from Amazon and the hemp rope is from a local craft store. This display can be customized to accommodate any size wall space. I used command strips to secure three rows of hemp rope to the wall. I knotted the ends of each rope to secure it to the command strips. And then I just started clipping on family photos and artwork. I also clipped a photograph directly over each command strip to hide it (they’re not so cute).

Cottage Fix blog - super easy DIY five minute photo displayI hung photos and art, but this would also be pretty during the holidays with cards and even little lightweight ornaments. I saw something similar on Instagram with feathers and a small wreath. Swoon. I had my heart set on ordering something like this online, but the shop charged for each string set individually. And since I needed three to fill up my space, it was starting to get pricey. Expensive purchases require a certain amount of sneakiness and sleepless nights around here. That’s only a joke Honey!Cottage Fix blog - photo display DIY with tiny clothespins and hemp ropeIt’s so easy for a casual display that can be added to and even changed up throughout the year.

Cottage Fix blog - DIY photo display

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Cottage Fix blog - DIY photo display in the cottage family room



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  1. kelly

    What a great idea! I love the fact that you can change up what’s hanging off the twine so easily too. That’s a very personal form of artwork.

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