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Hello there Cottage Fix friends! It’s starting to feel a bit like summer here in Virginia and I’m diggin’ it. This past weekend we spent Saturday afternoon at the beach with friends, and Sunday Farmer Brown and I tackled the front garden. We’re on a mission this summer, let me tell ya! Every flower bed in our yard is overtaken with ivy and weeds (I blame all the rain, rain, rain). The ivy is climbing high up into the trees soaring above with thick weeds filling the beds below like a shag rug. We cleared out one section this past Sunday, but oh dear, there are so many sections still to go. It’s that hardcore kind of gardening too! The kind that by the end of a long day your back hurts, your hands and fingers sting, and you have no choice but to wear your fuzzy slippers to soothe your achy feet even though it’s 95 degrees out. I’m thinking I’ll need to locate my enthusiasm if I have any hope of tackling our jungle of the wild.Cottage Fix blog - soft evening light in our bedroomCottage Fix blog - evening light shining in the cottage bedroomI worked in our bedroom last week making just a few small decorative changes and also going in for a deep clean. It’s amazing what a few tiny improvements can do to a space. It has a whole new feel and I’m enjoying it so. I’m finding myself waking up in a better mood, and although I’m not a morning person, feeling quite happy with myself first thing. I still have a few small changes to make, but it seems to be getting there.Cottage Fix blog - open windows and fresh airCottage Fix blog - lace and evening lightIn the cottage living room, the windows are open and the fresh air is blowing in. This is one of my all time favorite indulgences. And it’s such a simple thing. But open windows along with soft evening light make me feel like I’m on a beach get-away.Cottage Fix blog - evening light on the sun porchCottage Fix blog - evening light on the sun porchOur cottage looks the coziest in the evening when the light is soft and the day is coming to an end. It’s probably all in my head though. It always looks better when the hard work is done, when it’s just about time for an ice cold beer and supper’s bubbling away in the oven. Everything looks better then.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic pillows and evening light

xoxo Sally


6 thoughts on “evening light

  1. Jeanne

    Yes – the rain and my distractions with other things has turned my back garden into a tangled mess. I am slowly getting it weeded – and trying to stop and take the time to lay down some newspapers and cover with mulch so I am not back doing the same thing in 3 weeks:) I’ve been wondering if whether the creeping charlie or the wild strawberries would win the battle of the weeds if left to their own battle, without me trying to pull both up. I’ve been tiling my backsplash during the hot afternoons and between weeding and tiling, I am aching all over:) The reward is in the pleasure of seeing the ideas take shape.

    I love your windows and window treatments – like a little lace myself.

    1. sally Post author

      My hubby swears by periwinkle. We planted it at our last house and it worked well. The ivy looks pretty, but it gets a little carried away around here. How nice to be working on a new back splash! I’d love a new back splash and counter tops one day. Thanks so much for visiting! xo

  2. kelly

    I love the pic with the lace panels blowing in the windows. It’s too hot here to open our windows. It has been in the mid 90’s! We keep the doors and windows closed and the A/C on all day and night! The only time we can ever open our windows is in the early Spring and late Fall. I know how exhausting yard work can be. I don’t really do it too much these days since my husband is retired. He seems to enjoy it, So I gladly let him do it! ha!

  3. Victoria Wilson

    The picture of the lace curtains blowing in the breeze is soooo lovely! We can’t open our windows here unless we feel like getting a nice blast of humidity:) Your bedroom looks so nice and soothing! It is nice to wake up in a space you truly love!

    I’m sure all your hard work in the garden will pay off:) Not to mention, it’s one heck of a workout!!!

  4. Julie

    I feel your pain with those weed-infested flower beds, Sally. I have also been trying to remove and/or tame some unruly ground covers in mine. Why is it that the ones we don’t end up wanting in the beds grow the fastest and strongest?? Your cottage looks like a dreamy spot for summer relaxing 🙂

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