Cottage Fix floppy drop cloth chaircover

Happy Weekend Cottage Fix friends. I’m blogging in today with my latest attempt at sprucing up our family room. Aside from a newish sofa, it’s sort of the land of the leftovers. It’s furnished with two overstuffed mismatched chairs: one from a yard sale and then this one here is a hand me down. I brought home this drop cloth to create a floppy casual chair cover, I’m planning on a second drop cloth for the other chair to tie things together. There’s also a floral slip covered yard sale ottoman which I’d like to eventually replace all together. It’s not in good enough shape to simply recover. Oh well.Cottage Fix blog - floppy drop cloth chair coverI quite like the look and texture of this drop cloth and it was so cheap. I like that too of course!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Sally


9 thoughts on “Cottage Fix floppy drop cloth chaircover

  1. Dore @. Burlap Luxe

    Sally, if I had an overstuffed chair I would do just this to it… I love this old world look of covering your pieces for a vacation holiday away from the home where the caregiver would cover all the pieces to keep them fresh and dust free. Who cares about keeping them dust free, I adore a moppie look of a loose throw as such draped over any chair.
    This look here is wonderful, I don’t think you ever have to invest in an expensive slip when this look here has comfort and soul.

    The light streaming in is peaceful 🙂


  2. Victoria

    That looks so gorgeous! You’ve inspired me to go and pick up a drop cloth for our ugly recliner. I have a white blanket over it right now but am tired of the look. Do you just get them from Home Depot type places? Love your stripey pillow too!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Victoria! Yes, I picked it up at Lowes. It’s a 9×12. There’s quite a bit of extra fabric in the back, but it doesn’t show up so much since the chair is in the corner. I washed and dried it and it shrank some too. Xo Sally

      1. Victoria

        Thank you for the info Sally! I’ll have to hit Lowe’s this weekend because I really want to do this! The chenille blanket I’m sure now is starting to wear.

      2. Victoria

        Finally doing this Sally! I bought the drop cloth and just finished dying it in blue RIT dye, it’s in the wash and I’m crossing my fingers that it turns out the color I want it to:)

        1. sally Post author

          OMG!! I hope it turns out too. I never thought about dying it – great idea! Good Luck!

  3. Vickie

    I love the casual unstructured look of the dropcloth slipcover, Sally! I don’t think I could pull it off in our home, but you’ve made it work perfectly on your chair. It looks comfy and inviting and a nice spot to sit and read.

    Have a wonderful week!

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