Miss Paisley and a bundle of fluff

Salutations! Look who decided to help me change the sheets today—it’s Miss Paisley the miniature schnauzer. She does this every time I make the bed. Which is, of course, daily. Grin. “Hey guys, I like soft snugly bundles of fluffy stuff.” Yes, it’s true.

Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley and a bundle of fluff

As I’m writing this, it reminds me of one of my son’s childhood friends, a sweet little girl that lived in our apartment complex in California. They were in preschool together at the end of our street. Each day their teacher would ask them to imagine themselves somewhere, and then she’d go around the circle asking each one where they were. His friend was always in a basket of warm laundry, I thought that was so sweet. I wouldn’t mind being in a basket of warm laundry myself, and I’m certain Miss Paisley would have no argument.
Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley and a bundle of fluffToday is our 20th wedding anniversary (me and honey, not me and Paisley that is). Honey is making me a peppercorn steak dinner with potatoes and broccoli, and I made brownies this morning for brownie sundaes.  There’s nothing I love more than having someone cook for me. It’s even better than going out in my opinion. And I also bought wine and have flowers to share with you tomorrow. It should be a nice night.

xoxo Sally


4 thoughts on “Miss Paisley and a bundle of fluff

  1. kelly

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you will have a nice celebration tonight. Paisley sure is a cutie. I think all doggies love lying in piles of warm linens huh?

  2. Dore

    Our Pia, sleeps in bed all the time, wish she would find her own bed, she is an Itaian GreyHound and they love to cling to you, I guess they don’t call them the Velcro dogs for nothing.

    Your sweet Pasiley looks like she is not going to budge from all the cozy fluff.
    Happy Anniversary dear, have a beautiful one all month long!

    See you soon,
    It was a job and ahalf getting my armoire ready for the new post, so happy that’s over with and onto another project.

    Keep inspiring your beauty.


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