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Clickety-clack school is back! The good thing about school being back in session is that there’s no one here making messes all day. The bad thing is there’s no one here making messes all day. I must admit I do enjoy the feeling of the house remaining clean for at least a few hours in a row after I tidy up.

Cottage Fix blog - pretty vintage finds; oil on canvas

So I’m doing a little shopping of the vintage sort. I found this pretty vintage oil on canvas and thought it would look sweet propped up here on this hutch. I’m not much of an art shopper. I don’t really know what I like, and nothing ever seems to “speak to me.” I know that’s a thing, art speaking to folks and all, but I thought this was pretty and it has a shabby chic look to it.  I also love the color so home it came.

Cottage Fix blog - pretty vintage finds; oil on canvas

Now china on the other hand. Well, let’s just say it does speak to me, along with drippy crystal chandys and chippy paint patina… soft hand knit throws… For those sorts of finds, I know what I like and it usually likes me back. This latest find is a dainty serving dish with a scalloped edge of maroon and 22K gold. It’s made in the USA by The Sebring Pottery Co. It has a few chips along the edge on the back side, but not a one on the front.

Cottage Fix blog - pretty vintage finds; maroon and gold scalloped edge china

I thought the deep maroon color would be especially pretty to serve fall and holiday dishes, if it ever cools off around here that is. I’m so ready for that cool fall breeze to blow in.

Cottage Fix blog - hutch filled with everyday tableware and vintage treasures

I’m off to make chicken enchiladas—a first week of school tradition at our house. It also happens to be the first thing I learned how to make over 17 years ago. They’re always a hit!

Cottage Fix blog - pretty vintage finds; maroon and gold scalloped edge plate

xoxo Sally

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8 thoughts on “pretty vintage finds

  1. Vickie

    I love your pretty vintage oil painting propped on top of your old cupboard, Sally! I’ve got my fireplace on this morning to warm up the house. Fall has definitely arrived!

  2. Victoria

    That is such a pretty dish! I have some vintage Sebring china plates that are dark blue and gold, so pretty. I love your little floral painting. I also don’t have much of an eye for vintage paintings but I did find a little seaside one for my guest room. Yours is lovely and goes perfectly in your little cottage.

    My days of sending the kids off to school are over, house is clean all day but I guess I’m used to it now. When my boys do come and visit I cater to their every whim as if they were little again and love doing it:)

    No relief from the heat here in FL, I went to wash my car at 8:30 this morning and even that early, it was hot and humid. I’d love for a cool breeze right about now but the A/C will have to do:)

  3. Carol Cook

    Someone posted on Instagram about the reality of a messy house when kids are growing up. I love that my house is always neat now, but I wish my kids were close enough to drop in every single day. I would have an excuse to make peanut butter cookies and wouldn’t mind the mess.

  4. Kelly

    Your oil painting is beautiful! Those can be hard to find too. I agree it is nice to have a quiet house and be able to get things done sometimes. But, you miss them too. Your kids go back to school much later than mine. This time of year feels more like normal to me for them to go back. Ours went back over a month ago! That seemed too early.

  5. Dore

    Hi Sally. I hear you with having the house to yourself and it stays clean… Not even a water glass out of place 🙂
    Love the vintage oil painting, I have had a bit of a thing for them these days as well. The painting looks gret in your home, just the right tones, chippy with age, and blend so well with your cottahe farmhouse. I also see this piece amongst the brick floors.

    See you soon


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