late summer styling in the dining room

Hola! This summer has flown by and the kiddos only have one tiny little week left before school starts back up. Poor dears! It was a fun summer though—lots of outings to the local beaches and walks on the nearby trail.

Cottage Fix blog - late summer styling in the dining room

I’m blogging in today from the dining room with some styling to reflect the  summer’s nearing end. Oh the agony, the horror! Say it ain’t so!

Cottage Fix blog - hot pink garden blooms

The top of the china hutch has remained mostly empty for the entire summer, mostly because I didn’t get the chance to mess with it.

Cottage Fix blog - late summer styling in the dining room

I wanted to add something in here that looked super casual to help this space look less formal. So I mixed a beach bag, a vintage chandelier, and some ironstone along with some hot pink blooms from the back garden.

Cottage Fix blog - beach bag, ironstone, and hot pink blooms

We recently thinned out these hot pink beauties growing in the back garden and they’re thriving now. Who knew? We now have fewer plants, but more blooms. And there are many more to come. I guess it could also be from the weed barrier and nice pine mulch we added. We’re still working on that neverending project.Cottage Fix blog - late summer styling in the dining room

In the picture above you can see the toile and lace drapes, a recent addition in our family room. I’m still so happy with them, and they add a nice warm color to both spaces.

Cottage Fix blog - late summer styling in the dining roomI’m looking forward to fall and the changing leaves, the cool air and open windows, hearty suppers, chopping wood, and I could go on and on…

xoxo Sally

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7 thoughts on “late summer styling in the dining room

  1. Victoria

    Hello Sally, how is summer over??? I left the country and bam! it is back to school. I am so excited for fall too…mostly Halloween because well, I am obsessed with it.

  2. Julie

    I can hardly believe it’s the last day of August, Sally! Your zinnias are so pretty. I grow those every year because they are both easy and colorful. I am looking forward to making soup soon.

  3. Victoria

    LOL, I saw Victoria Kirton’s comment and thought “did I already comment and somehow forgot?”…old age! I love the color of your dining table! May I ask what brand it is? I have a couple of things I want to paint that color:) Your dining rooms look lovely!!!

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you Victoria! I can’t remember for sure what the color was. I painted it a very bright robins egg blue and then a couple coats of Silvermist – all flat latex. Then I sanded it. It’s been painted so many different colors so a lot of colors show through.
      xo Sally

  4. Kerrie

    Your dining nook is lovely. I always like the mix of dark woods and whites for a rustic cottage comfort. Yours is comforting just like ‘home’ should be. My kids are all in college, except one, and they are happy to return to studies.

  5. Kelly

    Your dining room always looks so cozy to me. I love the blue color on your table. I like how you mix antiques with newer furniture. It keeps things from getting stuffy.

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