day trip by the shore

We had such a lovely day on Wednesday at one of our local beaches; it’s just as dreamy as the beaches of the Atlantic in it’s own way. These are the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. While we were there the water was clear and cool, a little choppy,  and we saw a pod of dolphins swim by. We ate salads and baguette sandwiches, chatted about the summer, swam in the small waves, and soaked up the warm sun.  It was just a beautiful day by the shore.

Cottage Fix blog - day trip by the shore

The sun was bright and it was a little hard for pictures with my Iphone. But I got a few to share with you.

Our little “day vacation” by the shore, hopefully many more to come this summer!Cottage Fix blog - day trip by the shoreHappy Friday!

xoxo Sally



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