a blue jeans kind of day

Hi there!  I’m just getting all set to take Miss Paisley for a trot on the nearby trail.  We haven’t made it there for sometime so we are both super excited this morning to get our derrieres back out there again!  We have had the most glorious weather the past few days; there’s nothing like a beautiful day to put me in a good mood. The autumn clematis is blooming all over town and I’m dreaming of a blue jean kind of day with a pot of hot chili on the stove. But they’re saying things are going to heat back up soon and the humidity hasn’t left us for good — Oh my.

Cottage Fix - autumn clematis growing on our sprinkler

I can’t wait for jeans weather to return so I can shove my shorts down to the bottom of my dresser where they belong.  If it’s hot enough out I’ll suffer through a day in shorts, but I always feel like such a dork in shorts. I went jeans shopping this past weekend mostly because my two favorite pairs are starting to look so rough and worn, but also because I’m looking forward to the cooler air that I’m hoping is just around the corner. Jeans shopping isn’t easy for us ladies, and now they come in so many different sizes and styles it gets so overwhelming and confusing. The only thing worse than jeans shopping is bathing suit shopping, and I have resorted to catalogs for my last couple of suits. And that’s worked out pretty well.

Cottage Fix - a blue jeans kind of day

So back to my jeans.  I tried on a few that looked pretty good except for the fact that I had to suck in the gut so hard that I could hardly breathe.  There was a time when this is where the story would end, I would have given up there and headed home empty handed. Instead I did something wild, I tried the next size up.  Oh dear ladies of blogland, how I hated trying the next size up. The next size up fit great and better yet — they are so comfy!  So I left with two pairs of jeans one size bigger than I thought I was and two sizes bigger than I wish I was.  Who cares, I can’t wait to wear them!

Cottage Fix - blue jeans in the guest roomxoxo Sally

PS I’ve just finished day four of Fitness Blender’s Five Day Workout Challenge with Kelly and Daniel.  It’s hard, my muscles are sore, and I’ve definitely been dishing out my fair share of whining! But it feels great to be almost done and I’m going to try to stick with their workout routines.

Cottage Fix - blue jeans and a laundry basketxoxo Sally

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9 thoughts on “a blue jeans kind of day

  1. Sally

    Sally, I had to chuckle about your jeans shopping. I never like it when my favorite, comfy jeans wear out because then I need to take that dreaded shopping trip. Well, I recently solved that problem. Lands End has a great selection for the hard-to-fit, pear-shaped women like I. I am so glad to find some comfortable jeans! And you know what they say. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t look comfortable!

    1. sally Post author

      So true! I’m all about being comfortable too. I love Lands End, I’ve never tried the jeans though. Maybe I’ll give them a try next time. Thanks!

  2. kelly

    I haven’t been jeans shopping in a while. I know what you mean about hating to try on a size bigger than you think you should wear. But it happens! I’d rather be comfortable though. Once I find a brand that fits me well, I try to buy a few pair in that brand. However, I love wearing shorts! I feel freer in them than thick jeans. So, I’m not looking forward to giving them up quite yet. I live in GA and it’s super hot right now. I’ll probably wear shorts at least another month.

  3. Kathy

    I do not care for shopping for clothes…any clothes especially jeans. I just get too depressed. Nuf said going to check out what you have highlighted on your blog. Workout exercises? Great post and I love your pictures. Very pretty!

    1. sally Post author

      I hear you Kathy! I’m in the same boat- I hate clothes shopping! However, I could spend all day in the home goods section!

  4. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

    Mmmm. I love the smell of Autumn Clematis. I had some growing in the yard but unfortunately it didn’t make it through the winter. I read an article in Glamour magazine where they took a model around to different stores to try on clothes and see the range of sizes. She fit in clothes anywhere from size 2 to size 12. Weird! I wish they would regulate sizes better.

  5. Lin

    I wear blue jeans all the time. LOVE ’em! I think the warmest it got this summer is in the low 80s. Hope your weather cools down soon.

  6. Curtains In My Tree

    I just bought new jeans for winter also it’s been so warm lately I am wearing looses dresses or very light weight clothing to work.
    Can’t wait to wash up my new fall jeans I bought an expensive pair and a pair at Target and Target jeans feels as good as the $100 jeans

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